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Patient Testimonials

I wanted to thank Sporting Medicine and Performance Unlimited for everything they did to help me work through my injuries. After seeing several different doctors with no success, I was introduced to Dr. Graham who was able to diagnose my injury and work through a rehab program that got me back on the field but also provided me with long term solutions to prevent me from having the same issues later on. I would strongly recommend Dr. Graham and his team to any athlete that is recovering from an injury.

19 yo Female, Women's Soccer Player

What a great experience I had with Dr. William Graham at Sporting Medicine! He quickly diagnosed my shoulder issue and implemented a solution to complement the physical therapy I had been doing. I was on the mend in short order. His bedside manner, knowledge and expertise were exceptional. I was able to get on his schedule in less than 24 hours and he continues to check on my progress. I highly recommend him.

55 y/o Woman

In early 2018, my 11 year-old son, who plays soccer for a local Development Academy club, began having severe discomfort in his legs. After a few weeks of continued and debilitating pain, I took him to a local orthopedic doctor. The entire consultation lasted only about 5 minutes and a boot was prescribed. In my son’s eyes, a boot was not an option as he did not understand why. We decided to go for a 2nd opinion with Sporting Medicine. Upon meeting with Dr. Graham, my son was immediately at ease. His ability to connect with my son was fantastic. He took an interest in what my son was passionate about and asked the right questions. He explained my son’s diagnosis in a way that my 11 year-old understood. The course of corrective action still required some time in a boot, but my son was able to understand the ‘why’ behind the treatment that was needed. I was extremely impressed with Dr. Graham’s continued follow up throughout the entire process of getting my son back on the field!

Father of 11 y/o M DA Athlete

Reaching out to Dr. William Graham was the single best decision we’ve made to address our son’s knee pain. Our son is a 16 year old elite soccer player at Charlotte Soccer Academy. He spent a year dealing with bilateral knee pain, and the traditional therapy models we tried were unsuccessful. Dr. Graham recommended PRP injections and devised a therapy program that addressed the underlying risk factors specific to our son’s biomechanics. He was able to begin the Neuromuscular Retraining Program a few days after receiving the injections and has been pain free during the entire recovery process. Sporting Medicine and Performance Unlimited is our son’s home away from home. It is truly a place of hope and healing.

Mother 16 yo Male CSA Athlete

I am extremely thankful for Dr. Graham and the rest of the staff at Sporting Medicine and The Performance Unlimited. As a professional athlete, confidence is my number one asset and after having a long injury, seeing Dr. Graham was the best thing I could have done to restore my confidence. He inspires true confidence and peace because of his professionalism and expertise in this field. And not only was the appointment and follow up super personal, I felt cared for in the communication that followed and continues still. And Dr. Graham prescribed a very functional and personalized rehab protocol for my injury and my situation which has been invaluable. I can’t recommend them highly enough!

30 yo Male USLC Athlete